(def): Connecting the mind and body through movement and breath


the condition of being mentally, emotionally, physically and socially healthy


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An Innovative Approach to Living Well

Mindfitness Triathlon






beKIND Mindfitness in Schools

Using movement and breath students and teachers explore the mind body connection and learn MINDFITNESS techniques to integrate into their daily lives so they can lead healthier lives physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon

A first of its kind in Canada originally launched in both Edmonton Catholic and Edmonton Public Schools. The beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon incorporates a run/walk, mindfitness and the beKIND challenge.  Since then thousands of kids, teens and adults have participated. Hope you can join us June 9. 2023 in Edmonton.

CTV World Master Games

Susan earned three silver medals at the 2013 World Master Games in weightlifting and cycling. As well, she broke the World Master Games weightlifting record and Canadian Masters weightlifting records.


Susan Agrios is committed to results. As an athlete, educator and highly trained fitness professional, she not only understands the physical mechanics of people, but also recognizes the fundamental importance of the mind body connection.


“Susan combines theoretical knowledge, being someone who has actually competed at a high level, and gritty determination for results for both herself and her clients.”
Dave Mowat

President and CEO, ATB Financial