beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon 2024 (Fundraiser for mental health and wellness beKIND school programs)

Sunday, September 22 2024 from 11:00am-1:00pm.


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We’re so excited to be back in person! Sign me up I want to join in the FUN for an important cause…Mental Health and Wellness

beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon Fundraiser for Mental Health and Wellness.
Are you ready? Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 22, 2024 from 11:00am-1:00pm.

About the beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon (Fundraiser for Mental Health & Wellness beKIND School Programs
It’s fun, It’s unique. It’s a first of its kind in Canada. It’s for an important cause.
Join us as we come together as a community to bring awareness and raise funds for Mental Health and Wellness beKIND School Programs.

Unlike traditional triathlons (swimming, cycling and running) the beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon incorporates a Walk/Run in the heart of our beautiful Edmonton river valley, Mindfitness and the 40 day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.

This event is open to everyone of all ages and abilities.  It’s about being KIND, having fun, connecting with yourself and others with a focus on 3 key areas: body, mind and heart. Together we will have the opportunity to explore the body mind connection and learn new skills that will help reduce stress, improve memory and increase concentration.

3 parts make up the beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon
1) Walk Run 

2) Mindfitness 
(Mindulness + Fitness: connecting the body and mind using movement and breath)
3) 40 Day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge:
  Together we will begin Day 1 of the 40 day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge and everyone will receive a free beKIND Mindfulness Challenge download with your registration. Over 30 000 kids, teens and adults have taken the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge. Will you be the next?

Event Date: Sunday, September 22, 2024 from 11am-1:00pm. (arrive 15 minutes early)
Location: Grandview Heights Community League & Outdoor Field (connected to Grandview Heights School: 6225-127 Street, Edmonton, AB)
Please dress appropriately as will be outside in Grandview Heights School Field.  If it’s raining, we will move inside for Mindfitness and the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge, but stay outside for the walk run

Adults: $50.00 + GST (until July 1), $60.00 + GST (until August 15), $75.00 + GST (until September 22 if space is still available)
Kids (15 and under): $20.00 (until July 1), $30.00 + GST (until August 15),  $45.00 + GST (until September 22 if space is still available)
Sorry no refunds.
FundraiserProceeds go to Mental Health and Wellness beKIND School Programs.
Donations are also accepted. Click on this link to donate or e-transfers are also accepted.  I know sometimes people feel awkward if they can’t give $100 or more so often end up giving nothing. Please know any donation helps…even $10.00 makes a difference. Together we can make a difference.

beKIND t-shirts: $45.00 + GST (short sleeve) and $50.00 + GST (long sleeve). For more information and to purchase a beKIND shirt Click here. Proceeds go to Mental Health and Wellness beKIND School Programs.
beKIND bandanas: $15.00 + GST
 Please order beKIND shirts and bandanas before September 1 as sizes will be limited at the event

There’s often a story behind our actions and this is my story…one I rarely share or talk about.
You never know what someone is going through so take time to beKIND
I like a happy ending and I’ve always been someone who tries to focus on the positive or tries to turn a negative situation into a positive situation.  You will rarely hear me talk about what’s behind what I do or what fuels me to do what I do but know there is a reason…in fact many reasons. In short it is the personal interactions with others, their stories and their struggles that have had such a profound impact on me and fuelled me to develop beKIND Mindfulness Programs, Trainings and Kits for over 3000 school teachers, parents, psychologists and counsellors across Alberta, to teach over 30 000 kids, teens and adults about KINDness, Mindfitness & Meditation, to launch the first ever in Canada beKIND Mindfitness Triathlons that thousands have participated in and to also create a beKIND Mindfulness Movement (say or do something KIND for somebody every day) that has spread across Canada, into the USA, Europe, South America and Asia.
When I was a K-12 school teacher I heard and saw more than I could have ever imagined. To the kid who felt left out that I saw sitting alone during recess or lunch with no friends, the 7 year old boy that was beaten and locked in a closet yet somehow made it to school once in awhile, the teen that was depressed and anxious who struggled to get out of bed every day and rarely left their house, the 9 year old girl that was bullied so badly she killed herself to the parent that thanks me every time I see them and says if it wasn’t for you my child would not be alive. I hear you and my actions speak louder than my words.
So with this in mind I hope you can join our beKIND Mindfitness Triathlon (Sunday, September 22, 2024 from 11:00am-1:00pm) to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health and Wellness beKIND School Programs.