Calm School: Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques for Stressed Out Teachers and Students



Your Mind Follows Your Breath. The Key to Controlling Your Mind Is Controlling Your Breath.

During this school wide assembly for both teachers and students, take time out to deeply relax your body and mind as Susan guides you through a meditation (yoga nidra – a technique she studied with Yoga Masters in India and in California with Dr. Richard Miller) and teaches you simple and easy to learn meditations (some as short as 1-3 minutes in length). Susan will show you how to integrate these mindfulness and meditation techniques into your daily life, classroom and school so you won’t feel as drained or burnt out by the end of the day and will have a calmer more focused school environment. She will also teach you some quick and simple movement/breath exercises to connect your mind and body. These exercises are great to help both you and your students refocus or “wake up” when your minds are wandering and you get that tired, sleepy feeling. If all else fails just press play on Susan’s Stress Free Zone download.

This is a session you definitely don’t want to miss as Susan brings these ancient meditation and mindfulness techniques she studied in India, New Mexico and California with world renowned Yoga Masters – making them easily accessible to you.

“If you’re up for the challenge, we will begin day 1 of the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge so you too can join our Mindfulness Movement of over 17 000 adults, teens and kids. I look forward to sharing these meditation and mindfulness techniques with you as I have seen them change lives. Hope you can join us!”