Mental Toughness Workshop for Athletes: Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques with beKIND Mindfulness Challenge

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Your Mind Follows Your Breath. The Key to Controlling Your Mind Is Controlling Your Breath.

As an elite athlete, Susan knows what it takes to succeed. This workshop will equip athletes with the mental edge that will enhance both performance and resilience. Bringing a strong mental component to your sport is just as important as building your physical fitness – which is why Susan developed a keen interest in applying mindfulness and meditation techniques to sport.

During this introductory session Susan will teach you techniques (1-11 minutes in length) to help you relax, stay focused and motivated to enhance your athletic performance.  She will also teach you one of the meditations she did right before breaking the World Master Games record in weightlifting and winning the gold medal in cycling at the European Master Games.

On competition day the physical training is done. Who wins is decided on mental toughness.  Are you ready for the challenge?  Over 30 000 adults, kids and teens have taken the Mindfulness Challenge.  Will you be the next?

This workshop along with Susan’s Mental Toughness kit and guided meditation download for athletes will elevate you to the next level.

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