Online MINDFITNESS Workout Series (Mindfulness + Fitness) with beGRATEFUL Challenge

A Revolutionary Approach To Fitness. “It’s what you do and how you do it that determines your results & fitness journey.  I can & I would love to help you get there”. Susan Agrios
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“Proper form, posture and choosing the correct exercises & modifications are key. It’s what you do and how you do it that determines your results and fitness journey. I can and I would love to help you get there”. Susan Agrios

We’re ONLINE and we’re live across Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe & Asia. If you miss a session we record them so you can get fit and healthy anywhere anytime even while travelling.

Sessions are ongoing. Email if you would like to join our global Mindfitness family.

About MINDFITNESS Workouts: A Revolutionary & Efficient Approach To Fitness

I often get emails from people concerned they need to get in shape before they do my MINDFITNESS Workouts  (Mindfulness + Fitness) and many are concerned the workouts will be too hardcore and difficult for their fitness level.

The short answer is…this is not true.

Why? Because it has taken me over 20 years as a multi-sport world medallist, fitness trainer & international yoga & meditation teacher to develop these unique signature MINDFITNESS Workouts to meet everyone’s needs and goals. I have rehabbed and coached thousands of beginner and recreational to elite professional and Olympic level athletes from young kids, teens, adults to seniors in their 80s in pretty much every sport you can think of.

During these workouts I combine Mindfulness & Fitness with the focus on mindful movement, strength, balance, training functional movement patterns, re-patterning and correcting body imbalances, working on muscle weaknesses, proper form and posture which often lead to injury if not done properly. Using movement and breath I train both your body and mind so you can tune into your body and have better body awareness also making you less likely to get injured.  I’m always up for a challenge and enjoy modifying exercises to meet your individual needs and goals so you can stay active and get in better shape even if you have not been working out for years or decades.  So whether your goals are to strengthen, tone, improve athletic performance, balance, weight loss or rehab an injury so you can return back to activities you miss doing, know I would love to help you get there. If you’ve ever trained with me before you also know I’m a stickler for proper form. So in short, my workouts are open to all levels as I work with your individual needs making modifications as needed to help you reach your own personal goals.

Going online is a super fun way for us to connect, come together, get into shape and leave you feeling energized, refreshed and grounded as each session also ends with a relaxing mindfulness technique. You won’t find workout sessions like this anywhere.

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