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During this session Susan will break down sport movement and explain how to train for your sport…the key components.  She will talk about sport specific training exercises for a variety of sports such as soccer, hockey, tennis, football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, track, cycling, squash, badminton etc.  Susan will also discuss and demo a variety of exercises to train for multi-directional, lateral & linear movement, acceleration and deceleration, agility, balance, speed, strength and endurance exercises so you can excel in your sport of choice.  Ideas to help you and your clients.  Susan is an expert in sport specific training as she has trained many elite national and international level athletes in a wide variety of sports as well as she is a double gold medalist in badminton and silver medalist in cycling at the World Master Games.  She also broke the World Master Games record in Weightlifting and is the Canadian Master Record holder in both the 58kg and 63kg for Weightlifting.  Recently Agrios gold medalled at the European Master Games in cycling.

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