beKIND Mindfulness Kit


Your words can harm. Your words can heal.

Over 25 000 kids, teens & adults have taken the beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.

Will you be the next to join the beKIND Movement?

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The beKIND Mindfulness kit includes a PDF and audio download. Just press play and listen as Susan guides you through mindfulness techniques that can induce profound relaxation for the body & mind. The PDF includes mindfulness exercises, daily mindfulness techniques (1-12 minutes) for relaxation, self-regulation, concentration, depression and sleep to integrate in your daily life as well as the 40 day beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.  Some of the mindfulness techniques are backed by scientific research out of a variety of Universities in the USA.  It’s simple and easy to do, anywhere and anytime – be it in the comfort of your home, at work, at school or while travelling.  All you need is you!