Yoga and Meditation

Your mind follows your breath. The key to controlling your mind is controlling your breath.

Using movement and breath we can connect the mind and body. Through yoga and meditation, we can restore inner balance, sharpen our minds and channel results.

In her personal pursuit of wellness, Susan has studied with some of the world’s greatest Yoga Masters, Swamis and Gurus in India, New Mexico and California. She is committed to sharing these teachings with others through workshops and resources.

Mindfitness Triathlon







Susan Agrios is committed to results. As an athlete, educator and highly trained fitness professional, she not only understands the physical mechanics of people, but also recognizes the fundamental importance of the mind body connection.


“My students use meditation to achieve a positive, healthy state of mind before on-stage or classroom performances. I have seen anxious students achieve a sense of calm in a hectic day of school. This is a skill that will help them throughout their life.”


Junior High Teacher