Specialty Yoga and Meditation Workshops

Movement and breath can help create the balance necessary for success. Awaken your body and recharge your mind with Susan’s specialty yoga and meditation workshops.

Boost your practice with a portfolio of powerful kriyas and meditations. Susan will help you hone your focus and refine your movement, breathing techniques, mudras and mantras.

Susan Agrios, former K-12 school teacher, fitness trainer, elite athlete, international yoga & meditation teacher developed a beKIND Mindfulness kit for teachers, students and parents.  The kit includes a PDF and audio download (just press play and listen as you are guided through mindfulness techniques that can induce profound relaxation for the body & mind), mindfulness exercises as well as daily mindfulness techniques (3-11 minutes) for relaxation, stress reduction, concentration, focus, memory, self-regulation and depression.  Some of the mindfulness techniques are backed by scientific research out of a variety of Universities in the USA.  It’s simple and easy to do.  All you need is you!

Susan has trained over 2000 people (teachers, parents, business people, athletes, counsellors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) with the beKIND Mindfulness Kits and over 17 000 adults and kids have taken her beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.  Will you be the next?



Mindfitness Triathlon







Susan Agrios is committed to results. As an athlete, educator and highly trained fitness professional, she not only understands the physical mechanics of people, but also recognizes the fundamental importance of the mind body connection.


“Susan is a fantastic fitness trainer and I would highly recommend her. Her wealth of knowledge coupled with her efficient workout regimes resulted in me losing over 40lbs. I feel healthy and fit.”

Dr. Kohler

Family Doctor