Agrios Mindfitness TIME OUT Mindfulness Program

Susan has a peaceful yet electric energy about her. The Agrios Mindfitness presentation at my convention was very interesting and hands on. The presentation gave me tools to use in my classroom with my grade eight students and inspiration for me to find a balance of mindfulness in my career and daily life. Thanks Susan for sharing your talents and knowledge!



“Susan combines theoretical knowledge, being someone who has actually competed at a high level, and gritty determination for results for both herself and her clients.”

Dave Mowat
President and CEO, ATB Financial

“Susan Agrios opened the door to wellness for many associates at ATB Financial. Her proactive approach provided ATB with exposure to new mediums of wellness.  She was generous in sharing her expertise and energetic when working towards a shared goal for ATB associate wellness.”

Sandra Z. Huculak
ATB Financial Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Investment

“I have been to a number of Sue’s Meditation sessions over the past 5 years and love everyone of them. Every time I come she has something new and motivational to teach me, yet at the same time ensuring that those that are new to meditation in the room are following along easily. She really challenges those that have been there before to try harder meditations (and even they are easy once you have done it for a few days)…I always like the fact that those with experience gain as much as those that are new…I have a lot more energy and I am getting more done at home and at work too…feels effortless.”

Loreen Belovich
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Drayden Insurance

“On a personal level, I have taken Susan’s meditation courses and found it helped me keep focus and balance in my day-to-day life.  I was so impressed by the effectiveness of Susan’s course specifically that I invited her to my office to lead our team in a guided meditation to help us in leading more fulfilling and balanced lives.  We had so much fun and learnt, as a group, the importance of taking the time to calm your mind and relax your soul.  I highly recommend Susan’s services to everyone!”

Karyn Decore
President, Decore Hotels

“Susan Agrios spent the time to understand my needs – from lifestyle and what areas I wanted to focus on, to the amount of time I could allocate to training.  She set up a personal plan and helped me stick to it.  She set stretch goals and monitored my progress, in short, she was a fantastic partner in training!”

Debra Wooding
Vice President, Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy

Skilled Champions

“I have been working out with Sue for the past two summers and during that time my strength and explosiveness has gone through the roof. I also have gotten bigger, stronger, faster and also better looking physically so I can’t complain! Sue is the best 1-on-1 training you can get in the city hands down.”

Blake Leask
Top Defenceman (Bonneyville Pontiacs) and Quantum Instructor, AJHL 2012, Junior A Hockey

“When I started training with Sue, I had just had ACL reconstructive knee surgery so I was starting fresh. I needed to regain all my leg and core strength back because after the surgery I had lost a lot of muscle strength and tone. Once I began training with Sue, the results came fast. She put me on a hard core cardio and weight training program. Within a few months I regained all my leg strength plus more than I previously had and the definition in my quads and hamstrings were back again. My core and upper body were stronger than ever too. Sue’s workouts keep me on a tight schedule, something I need in order to get back to my sport and where I was before. I now feel stronger and ready to take on anything.”

Dania Assaly
North American Half Pipe Champion, National Half Pipe Champion, Second Place Canadian Series Moguls, Two-Time Provincial Big Air Champion

“I have had many different types of training over the years, so I am aware of the variety of exercises and techniques one can use. Sue though, refined my knowledge, breaking down each exercise into its components on a new level that I was not aware of. With her vast knowledge in fitness she is able to address any particular area of weakness, that you may or may not have been previously aware of, and use specific exercises to strengthen those areas. What were once my weaknesses she turned into strengths.

I also really like how she is able to push me, but not in a total “drill instructor way” but in a way that motivates me to work harder. Sue pushes me more than I’m able to push myself and she gets more out of me than I thought was possible. She somehow manages to get me to squeak out one more rep ‘Come on Ash, just one more squat’.

Since working with Sue I have lost a lot of weight and body fat. As a result of leaning out this has helped me a great deal on the ice as I am able to move quicker and more explosively. In short, I definitely notice a major change in my body that has helped me with my ringette game and also my personal life.”

Ashley Harrison
Gold Medallist and Canadian National Ringette Champion 2007

“Before training with Sue my fitness had tapered off a lot to a point of almost non-existence. I wanted to get back into shape and when I met Sue everything took off. She motivated me to train outside of playing squash and training for the first time actually became fun. I am now on the Women’s Professional Squash Tour (WISPA) working my way up the rankings and looking forward to the next year. Not only has Sue helped me get into the best shape of my life, but she has also completely changed my mental game. I have gone from being a “head case” to a confident and focused player. She has taught me a 5-minute pre match meditative technique that has enabled me to focus, relax and play with confidence and intensity. I have learned a great deal from Sue and I know I will continue to learn from her as she goes above and beyond anything I ever expected.”

Jenn Cranston
Professional Squash Player

“I am a coach of a ‘High Performance’ Ski Program. Susan worked with my athletes to help them physically, mentally and with their flexibility. Susan did a fantastic job with the racers and we all used her techniques throughout the ski season.  I found this to be very beneficial.”

Mitch Conner
Program Director, FIS Coach Alberta Ski Academy

“Susan did a fantastic job delivering the fitness component to nearly 5000 school kids at the Little Big Run. Her positive energy and enthusiasm made working out fun for both students and teachers.”

Kevin Tyler
Strategic Head of Coaching and Development, UK Athletics

Motivated Individuals

“This mindfulness Training session was the perfect opportunity for me to slow down and go inward….something I rarely give myself the time to do. Susan’s common sense approach in offering various meditation techniques make them accessible for everyone.  During the session I learned about the benefits of each meditation and I was able to choose the one that best suited my needs when setting out on the 40 day challenge.  Though I have had to restart my challenge on a few occasions, I continue to go back to the practice after having already experiencing some of the benefits such as a quieter, calmer mind.   Susan has an energetic approach toward sharing her knowledge and I would recommend her Mindfulness Training program as an excellent introduction to meditation.”

Brenda Dushinski

“I first learned of Susan’s beKIND Mindfulness project through her video launch at a Simrit concert and thought “How amazing is this!” I loved it!  Seeing and hearing the impact she has made with students and teachers I wanted to experience it first hand and I did….Wow!!  I walked away feeling elated and saying “What just happened?” Clearer, calmer and at the same time excited for the difference this project will make in all our lives, now and in the future.  Susan, you bring an energy into the room that spreads to forever growing roots!  Thank you for the opportunity to experience a space to consciously focus on ME: my breath, my body, moving energy and BEing mindful!”


“Susan kick started me back into taking control of my life….when I did not know what to do with myself you had options to give and that is exactly what I needed.”

Sherry Peters

“Sue was a huge part of helping me achieve my goal of completing an ironman. I had struggled with injuries due to the increased training volume. By providing a strong program for core fitness, Sue enabled me to achieve my goal without injury.”


“When I first met Sue, I had been working out on my own for awhile. I have limited time and wanted results. Consequently I worked through the pain when I shouldn’t have and ended up with some repetitive injuries. Susan through her own wealth of knowledge and with feedback from the paraprofessionals that she referred me to was able to design appropriate workouts for me. I can now work out smarter and still achieve my fitness goals. Susan’s workouts have been all encompassing including stretching routines specific to my needs, yoga poses and weight training. Sue’s enthusiasm and dedication to what she does is evident in every workout.

Having a healthcare background I have always believed that our mental state has a profound effect on our physical well being. Despite knowing this, like many people, I have always put off learning meditation and other such practices as they just didn’t fit into my schedule. I think that I was waiting for a heart attack to happen before I would take the time. However, during our workouts, Susan really encouraged me to take the time and try Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). I finally listened and was amazed at how well and quickly this practice worked for me. I was better able to handle my stress levels and after having only a few sessions was able to put into practice shorter mediations that Susan showed me. These were things that I could do in the car in a few minutes while waiting for the kids at their activities. Susan and I have since practiced Yoga Nidra with my 6 and 9 year old children and have watched the calming effect. My husband even commented on how relaxed I was even when times were hectic. I think that all of us, adults and children are all packing so much into our days that we are all prone to the consequent stress. I would really like to see meditation taught in the school system. It would be wonderful to have a generation of people who were better able to handle the stressors thrown at them on a daily basis allowing them to take charge of their mental and physical health and ultimately leading healthier and more satisfying lives.”

Laurel Hinz
Working Mom

“I started training with Susan in June 2013- two times a week with her bootcamps and once a week personal training appointments.  Her dedication to my personal goals and physical handicaps not only gained immediate motivation and inspiration, but also trust. I achieved more than the outcome I was aiming for!  I lost 14 lbs and gained the muscle and fitness level I always wanted.  Feeling motivated and happy with the hard work results, I went away for a couple of months to our summer house at the lake.  During this time she gave me a very easy and manageable workout routine to continue on my own. With no convincing on my part… family and friends joined in, just through the dedication to continue a fitness (feel good) routine.  I found myself being a ‘teacher’ and running a ‘Lake bootcamp’ for all who wanted to join, and have fun too!  On a personal level, I have known Susan since I was 6 years old. She is not only a great trainer but a cherished friend who also brought Kundalini Yoga and Meditation into my world. As a result, this meditation practice has helped bring out the best in myself and the connections with all those around me.  Much gratitude for this experience that continues to this day, and is always with me.”

Carol Kushniruk
Art Director/Friend

“This course taught me how to calm down.  The more I calm down, the more my family calms down, less stress, less arguments.

I took this class because my blood pressure kept climbing higher, I was a the point that I was going to have to go on medication. I tried a lower salt diet, losing weight and more exercise, nothing was doing very much to lower my blood pressure. I took this class as a last ditch effort to bring my blood pressure down. About half way through (day 20) my blood pressure began to come down to normal levels. Now I know it was the stress in my life that was keeping it high. This class taught me how to de-stress. Another benefit is that now I know how to breathe properly, I have gone from 20 minutes of cardio (out of breath) to an hour of cardio with increased energy and NOT out of breath.”

Lorainne Yakiwchuk
Clerk IV

“Since I discovered the practise of Yoga Nidra, my life has only improved for the better.  I now find my mental state a consistent positive, rarely experiencing a defeated feeling or one of negativity.

My time at the gym has improved dramatically as well, going further in workout routines as I believe Yoga Nidra has provided me the insight to push harder and removed any strings which may have held me back.  If you are someone who’s looking to improve your fitness, bring on more positive energy and or just improve your overall outlook on life, Yoga Nidra is just for you.”

Jim Barr
Travel and Adventure Writer/Photographer, CEO and Founder SeekersMedia

Balanced Professionals

“I have been going through the death of my dear friend. This came to me at the right time in my life. It was a grounding force for me.”

Jill Tomanek
Yoga Teacher

“Thanks Susan, it was a great class.  I learned a lot.  From this course I gained clarity, focus, confirmation of other teachings and it calmed and quieted my mind. I used the meditations and breathing before a big presentation…it calmed me down, focused me, and helped me to centre myself.”

Shauna Tomanek
Business Owner/Instructor, Bikram East Yoga Studio

“Sue’s Yoga Nidra class was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. As a type-A, over-achiever, I often find it difficult to relax and unwind. It took me a few classes to get the full experience of Yoga Nidra, but once I did it was completely exhilarating. At the end of the class I was glowing like a light bulb! I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and I became a true believer in meditation and how it can benefit my overall well-being.

I teach a Holistic Health Class at Ross Sheppard High School and I have introduced my students to Yoga Nidra.  They find it very relaxing and a perfect break from their hectic schedules. I highly recommend Sue’s class. Her energy is contagious and you will leave the class feeling relaxed and refocused.”

Kim Wyley
Teacher/Hatha Yoga Instructor

Mindfitness Triathlon







Susan Agrios is committed to results. As an athlete, educator and highly trained fitness professional, she not only understands the physical mechanics of people, but also recognizes the fundamental importance of the mind body connection.


“Susan is a fantastic fitness trainer and I would highly recommend her. Her wealth of knowledge coupled with her efficient workout regimes resulted in me losing over 40lbs. I feel healthy and fit.”
Dr. Kohler

Family Doctor