Susan has helped transform the lives of many by regularly sharing her expertise and passion for mindfitness. Here are a few places you may have heard about her work. 

CTV World Master Games

Susan earned three silver medals at the 2013 World Master Games in weightlifting and cycling as well as a World Master Games weightlifting record.

Mindfulness Project in Schools

Susan’s teachings are great resources for every day and can be applied at home, school, work or during the chaos in between.

Time Out: Mindfulness Project Video

Time Out: Mindfulness is an effective pulse check. It allows people of all ages to explore their mind body connection and to recharge as they see fit.


Susan Agrios is committed to results. As an athlete, educator and highly trained fitness professional, she not only understands the physical mechanics of people, but also recognizes the fundamental importance of the mind body connection.


“Susan is a fantastic fitness trainer and I would highly recommend her. Her wealth of knowledge coupled with her efficient workout regimes resulted in me losing over 40lbs. I feel healthy and fit.”
Dr. Kohler

Family Doctor