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You could change someone’s life. Make a difference and donate to the TIME OUT School Program for kids and teens.



Over 20 years ago I graduated with both a psychology and education degree excited to take on my new role as a school teacher.  I was naïve at the time as I thought I’d save every student.  I tried to take them all under my wing as I witnessed bullying, depression, stress, anxiety and the list goes on and on.  In the end I realized as much as I was their teacher they too were my teacher. The best thing I could do for them was to teach them compassion (lead by example) and give them the life skills and the tools needed so they could lead healthier lives both physically and mentally. So with that in mind, I developed TIME OUT Mindfulness Trainings &  a MindfulnessKit for students, teachers and parents. The kit includes an audio download, mindfulness exercises as well as mindfulness techniques for relaxation, stress reduction, memory, concentration, focus, and depression. It’s simple and easy to do. All you need is you!  

I’d like to invite you to be part of the TIME OUT Mindfulness Project
Make a difference by donating $40, $100 or $250 and become part of our Mindfulness Project.  Your donation will go toward Mindfulness Trainings in the schools for kids & teens.  As a thank you for your donation you will receive a copy of the 40 Day Mindfulness Challenge so you too can join our Mindfulness Movement of over 12 000 kids and adults that have taken the Mindfulness Challenge.

If you are interested in taking a Mindfulness Training click here or purchasing a Mindfulness Kit for yourself or to share with others click here